Our commitment



To accomplish its missions in a sustainable fashion in an environment constantly growing more complex, to meet the goals it sets in conjunction with the Canton of Geneva, and to implement its strategic plan, the University of Geneva possesses some key strengths: the quality of its people, its organization, and the procedures that ensure the quality of the services it provides.
To respond to new legal and societal expectations and to provide required services in an ever-changing context, the Rectorate’s primary reference is the intrinsic quality of the University’s personnel.
The Rectorate consolidates that intrinsic quality by employing a systematic process of improvement through prevention and evaluation activities.
This process concerns all of the institution’s activities.
The Rectorate believes that this systemic process, by its nature, helps each employee accomplish his or her mission. Taken as a whole, it adds quality to the resources that the University brings to bear to ensure its future.

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