Our commitment


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The University develops its education, research, and community service activities in a context of autonomy and academic freedom that oblige the University to prioritize responsible ethics in line with the rules of our society.

Through a culture of quality, the University seeks continuous improvement in all its domains of activity.

The university community is committed to:

  • Welcoming and accompanying its members all along their trajectories so that they can pursue their activities in a suitable and convivial ambiance, and encouraging exchanges between them.
  • Offering an attractive environment for studies, teaching, research, and work.
  • Developing innovative programs and pedagogical practices that meet our society’s needs for lifelong higher education.
  • Encouraging cutting-edge research that stimulates the production of new knowledge in all of the disciplines that make up the University.
  • Contributing to the cultural and social life of Geneva by sharing the results of research and the expertise of its members.
  • Maintaining a proactive stance regarding changes in the academic world and society in general to preserve the institution's attractiveness and to meet present and future challenges.
  • Nurturing mutually beneficial relations with academic, economic, political, associative, and cultural actors at the local, regional, national, and international levels.
  • Participating in training responsible citizens by offering an environment that encourages intellectual curiosity, creativity, innovation, and critical reflection.
  • Encouraging the professional development of its members and offering them relevant continuing education programs.
  • Guaranteeing simple, clear, and documented administrative procedures that serve their users and that are in line with the applicable legal framework.
  • Sharing, internally and externally, useful and targeted information that showcases the activities of the institution.

The culture of quality is a way to collectively understand, live, and achieve quality. It is expressed through all of these commitments and impacts all activities of the institution.

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